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Research Foundation for Governance: in India (RFGI) is an Ahmedabad-based think-tank that aims to research, promote, and implement various reforms to improve the legal and political process in Gujarat and across India. The organization conducts research on key issues in law and governance and hosts public events in order to raise awareness, particularly among the youth who are often disengaged from the democratic process. RFGI also acts as a consultant in the implementation and development of Government reforms.

The Foundation is a non-party, neutral and independent Foundation and does not support or endorse any political candidate/party or extreme political ideology.

Crowdfunding for Lawtoons!

Through our presentations on laws and rights for young children in schools, we have realised that the civic curriculum in most schools is dull and uninspiring. This, unfortunately, results in a society where most people find it difficult to relate to the idea of laws and the legal system.

In order to address this issue, we have come up with the idea of Lawtoons - a comic series on the laws of India! One of the first of its kinds in the country, the comic book will have illustrations about the laws and legal rights of every individual to make them easier to understand and fun to learn!

We are raising money for this project through a crowd-funding campaign! You can check it out here. (

The project is going to be drawn and illustrated by designers from the National Institute of Design (NID) and the legal inputs will be provided by us! A prototype has been created by us and shown to the audience, which has been received with great enthusiasm by young students. We now need funds to create and publish a series of comics and also to create an interactive website and a mobile application of the cartoons. read more


A serious look at alternative and instinctive mechanisms to resolve disputes becomes important in the process of creating better legal systems. At RFGI, we strongly believe that the governments must put larger focus in mainstreaming the 'Alternative' Dispute Resolution (ADR). In an attempt to spread more awareness about the ADR, we have upgraded our blog to focus on legal reforms, with a special emphasis on mediation. We look forward to keep you updated about the latest happenings, thought-processes and dialogue in the area of mediation from world over with a view to create greater integration of mediation within the existing legal systems.

We also invite articles for this blog and interested persons can write to us at to explore areas of contribution!

Legislative Drafting

Rule of law requires that laws are capable of guiding the conduct of its subjects and institutions, so as to enable them to achieve their highest potential. The task of judiciary too becomes easier if the laws are clear and well-drafted. An integral component to achieve a well-functioning democracy upholding the rule of law is that the laws and regulations possess clarity and are succinctly drafted.
We are excited to develop legislative drafting as a core activity of RFGI and help actively in the process of drafting legislation at various levels of the governance system. We would be happy to be contacted with specific requests of legislation drafting. read more

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Public Debates

Fasting Debate

One of the ways to achieve our aim is by way of monthly public discussions on various issues pertaining to governance. Any kind of social or political problem concerning people in India is taken up during our debates. People from different spheres of society regardless of gender, age and community can participate in discussion which they find contentious within Indian legal and political systems and can present their ideas on how to effectively to solve them. RFGI maintains a high standard debate structure through which strong arguments are created and shared. We feel proud to say that our events are attended by highly distinguished judges, politicians, academicians, intellectuals and most importantly, dynamic youngsters, who share their valuable opinions on law and mechanism of powers in India. Together with these esteemed individuals and vigilant citizens, RFGI helps in improving the quality of democracy in our country.  

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We are a registered trust and are looking for funding in order to sustain our current projects and to expand our operations. Your support will help you enable a young team bring about aware citizenry and effective and efficient governance in India.

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