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Spreading awareness about laws and governance structure of the country is one of the core activities of RFGI. We strongly believe that an aware citizenry is extremely crucial in functioning of a vibrant democracy. Unfortunately, today in the society, there exists a wide gap between different policies, laws and functioning of the Government and awareness about the same in a common-man.

In order to bridge this gap, in partnership with Bangalore-based organization Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy, RFGI has launched a project called ‘Me & My City’.

Taking inspiration from the successful ‘Bala Janaagraha’ project of Janaagraha, whereby school-children, especially those in 7th and 8th standards are taught about basics of citizenship & democracy, RFGI has tied up with several schools in the city of Ahmedabad to impart these invaluable lessons as a pilot study this year.

The objective behind the project is to increase the knowledge, skills and values in children about processes of governance and basics of citizenship education, so that they positively consider themselves as components of vibrant and participative democracy.

RFGI inaugurated this programme at the Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad. This year, the pilot study will also cover Sheth Chimandas Nagindas (C.N.) School as well as one school run by the Municipal Corporation. Please find attached some pictures from the first session.

The curriculum of this pilot programme, will focus on the following key issues:
– Understanding Democracy, Union, State and Local Governments.
– Introduction to Court structure and basics of Constitution.
– Understanding the role of political parties & their ideologies.
– Basics of Fundamental Rights & Duties.
– How the systems of other countries function.
– Idea of individual needs and Common good.
– Introduction to how laws are made, how they are implemented and what are some of the crucial laws of the country.
– Importance of voting in any democracy.

The classes will be conducted in interactive sessions by using teaching-tools such as debates, case-studies, presentations and role-plays.

Apart from the usual class-room sessions, which will be the primary activity for developing knowledge & citizenship values, we will also be organising Civic Projects, with partner institutions to instill practical understanding about governance-related issues in children.

RFGI is happy to take this programme to schools & colleges where the Management, Teachers and Volunteers are committed to delivering the programme and ultimately make it a success!

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for this project or know a school/group of people who would be interested in participating for the same.

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