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About Us

RFGI is a ‘think-tank’, with the vision to produce cutting edge research on governance and uplift the standards of political participation by effective citizen involvement through awareness activities. RFGI also has a consulting wing, which focuses on legislative drafting.

RFGI was started on 26th January, 2009 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The founding team of RFGI consisted of Kanan Dhru, who has been the Managing Director of RFGI since its inception, her sister Kelly Dhru, who is the Director of Research and Swar Shah.

Since its inception, RFGI has been able to create a significant and positive momentum among the youth to bring about a change in the legal and political structures of India. Our research has reached out to the stakeholders in all the relevant areas, including citizens from different walks of life, as well as the youth.

RFGI remains one of the few youth-driven think-tanks working in the areas of legal and political governance in the State of Gujarat. The fact that RFGI has always been a volunteer-driven organisation has made it particularly unique.

RFGI is a Non-party, neutral and independent Foundation, and it does not subscribe to any extreme ideology.

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About Our Logo


The logo of RFG India is a political concept.

The three pillars in the logo represent the three wings of a democratic government: the executive (the cabinet), the legislature (the parliament) and the judiciary. As per the doctrine of Separation of Powers, these three are separate and distinct pillars.

On these three pillars, rests the pyramid, which represents convergence of all three wings into ultimately one value (pictured as a dot in the logo) – which is the 'Grundnorm' or the 'basic norm' as signified by the great political philosopher Hans Kelsen. The 'Grundnorm' represents the highest value of any society from which all the laws obtain their validity.

This logo has been conceptualized by Kanan Dhru & Kelly Dhru, and designed by Kumar Ahir.


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