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कार्यम सर्व हिताय


One of the primary objectives of the foundation is to spread awareness on issues pertaining to governance and law amongst the citizens of India. The Foundation seeks to make people think about politics in a more positive way through making presentations in schools and colleges, organizing discussions and debates, and by getting more and more people interested in the process of governance.

Current/Up-coming Projects:

- Public Debates

- Awareness Initiative on Governance for school kids

Past Projects:

- Voter Awareness during 2012 Gujarat Election

- Survey on Electoral Reforms

- Survey on Compulsory Voting in Gujarat

- Initiative on Governance Awareness among school kids

- Meeting with the Law Secretary of Gujarat

- JaaGo Re! One Billion Votes

- A seminar on "Are students losing interesting in campus governance?"

- A seminar on "Exploring Opportunities for Young Indians in Government"

- Movie-ing Ahead - The RFGI Film Festival on Political Reforms

- Panel discussion on "Is India’s legal system hampering its economy & democracy?”

- Panel Discussion on "Have the youth become indifferent to politics?"

- Voters' Registration Awareness

- National Election Watch


The research activities at the Foundation include examining and undertaking research on issues concerning politics, law, governance, infrastructure, functioning of public institution, welfare related issues, including those pertaining to elections as part of the function. The Foundation, through its research activities recommends and advocates systems of good governance at different levels of the society.

Current/Up-coming Projects:

- Journey to Justice

- The Rights Project

- Research on drawing parallels between Preventive Medicine and Law

- Anti-Defection Law in India

- Compulsory Voting Bill in Gujarat

Past Projects:

- Litigation Project

- The Legal Systems Project

- Study on 'Inner-party Democracy in Political parties'

- Research on lessons from the Kerala Ombudsman

- RFGI Study on Legal Education

- Litigation in India

- Acquisition Of Land For "Development" Projects In India



The Foundation gets directly involved with Government projects and initiatives through its consultancy work. This involves working closely with different Government departments and organisations.

Some of the consultancy projects:

- RFGI Study on Legal Education

- Governance Project with AMC

- RFGI to act as an 'Implementing Authority' to improve legal education

- RFGI Joins hands with the Bar Association of Gujarat

- Library Development in the city of Ahmedabad

- Project on Legal Reforms in the State of Gujarat





Public Debates

One of the ways to achieve our aim is by way of monthly public discussions on various issues pertaining to governance. Any kind of social or political problem concerning people in India is taken up during our debates. People from different spheres of society regardless of gender, age and community can participate in discussion which they find contentious within Indian legal and political systems and can present their ideas on how to effectively to solve them. RFGI maintains a high standard debate structure through which strong arguments are created and shared. We feel proud to say that our events are attended by highly distinguished judges, politicians, academicians, intellectuals and most importantly, dynamic youngsters, who share their valuable opinions on law and mechanism of powers in India. Together with these esteemed individuals and vigilant citizens, RFGI helps in improving the quality of democracy in our country.

RFGI has already organised informal open debates on the following issues:

- "Why are heroes in India born only in Bollywood and Cricket?"
- "Is Team Anna true representative of people of India?"
- "Is fasting necessary to change the system in India?"
- "Lokpal Bill"
- "Role of media post CWG Media, a Fourth Pillar of our democracy?"
- "Paradoxical Indian legal system – root cause to unabated corruption"
- "Caste Census: Required or Regressive?"
- "Values in Governance"
- "Bhopal Tragedy: What went wrong?"
- "Gandhi and Gadugi: Traditional Indigenous Views on Service and Community”
- "Future of Education in India"
- "What if Women's Reservation Bill becomes a Law?"
- "Has the Indian constitution fulfilled its promises?"
- "Compulsory Voting: Blessing or Curse?"
- RFGI debate on "Is India's legal system hampering its economy and democracy?"

We look forward to continuously organise public debates on pertinent issues and critical legislations every month.


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