Research Foundation for Governance
कार्यम सर्व हिताय


- Survey on Electoral Reforms
- Survey on Compulsory Voting in Gujarat
- A seminar on "Exploring Opportunities for Young Indians in Government"
- Inner-party democracy in political parties
- Initiative on Governance Awareness among school kids
- RFGI Study on Legal Education
- RFGI to act as an 'Implementing Authority' to improve legal education
- RFGI Joins hands with the Bar Association of Gujarat
- Litigation Project
- Meeting with the Law Secretary of Gujarat
- Governance Project with AMC
- Panel Discussion on "Have the youth become indifferent to politics?"
- JaaGo Re! One Billion Votes

Public Debates

- RFGI debate on "Lokpal Bill"
- RFGI debate on "Role of media post CWG Media, a Fourth Pillar of our democracy?"
- RFGI debate on "Caste Census: Required or Regressive?"
- RFGI debate on "Values in Governance"
- RFGI debate on "Bhopal Tragedy: What went wrong?"
- RFGI Debate on “Gandhi and Gadugi: Traditional Indigenous Views on Service and Community”
- RFGI debate on "Future of Education in India"
- RFGI debate on "Has the Indian constitution fulfilled its promises?"
- RFGI debate on "Is India's legal system hampering its economy and democracy?"


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