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Research Foundation for Governance: in India is very happy to announce that the Foundation has now joined hands with the Bar Association of Gujarat to improve the standards of legal training and education within the State.

To achieve this objective, Foundation will work closely with the 'Education & Training' Committee of the Association. Besides facilitating the organisation of conferences and seminars on useful and stimulating legal issues, as part of the committee's functioning, RFGI would also endeavour to work towards providing training and support to members of the Bar Association, especially the junior lawyers.

This step would greatly further the objective of the Foundation to encourage young law graduates to join the profession of arguing law as well as the judiciary. This is keeping with the goal of the Foundation to actively participate towards improvement and development of the systems of law and governance in India.

We hope to have a fruitful involvement with the Bar Association and bring about a positive change in the system of justice delivery of the country.


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