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Journey to Justice, 2nd March 2013

The need for justice in India is stronger now than ever before. The cries to create an equal society are louder now than ever before. As the youth of the country rises, the right time to bring about a more just society is only now.

On Saturday, 2nd March 2013, with the support of the Canadian Consulate and Darpana Academy, Research Foundation for Governance in India is hosting an event: "Journey to Justice". We will be screening a Canadian documentary, which looks at how common citizens with their determination and willpower helped remove discriminatory laws and practices.

There are many parallels between the fights of the individuals portrayed in this documentary and the current upheavals for justice in India. The screening will be followed by an open house debate facilitating discussion on how the road-map for the Indian journey to justice can be paved. Dr Mallika Sarabhai will be present at the event along with a few senior present and past judges of the High Court of Gujarat. We shall also have with us present a few of the real life young heroes of India, who are inspiration for today's youth.


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