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One of the crucial components of improving the standards of the justice delivery mechanism of the state is the way legal education is imparted.

Unfortunately, in India, there is a duality of standards of legal education. On one hand, there are new 5-year National Law Schools which impart world class legal education and there are traditional 3-year law schools, which leave much to be desired, on another. It is, therefore, very important that the bridge between these two law schools be bridged.

In an initiative taken up by the Gujarat National Law School in this direction, principals of different 3 year law colleges across Gujarat were invited to brainstorm ways in which the standards of traditional law colleges can be improved and how the National Law Schools can be catalyst to change. The workshop, which took place on 11th August, 2009, was also attended by key education secretaries of the Gujarat State.

Research Foundation for Governance: in India was invited to this event owing to its commitment to the cause of reforms in legal education in the country. The organisation was mandated to perform the role of an observer to the session as well as to act as an implementing authority of the declaration brought about at the event. Kindly find attached a photograph taken at the event.

As an organisation, we would continue to work very closely with the Government agencies as well as different law schools to advocate reforms in the patterns of legal education.


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