Research Foundation for Governance in India
कार्यम सर्व हिताय


Together with students, faculty and researchers from reputed universities in India and abroad, the foundation will be uploading research papers and articles regularly.  

Current publications:

- Acquisition Of Land For "Development" Projects In India: The Road Ahead by Kelly Dhru, 2011

- Democracy Within and Without: A report on Inner-Party Democracy  by RFGI, 2010

- Entry Barriers to Litigation by RFGI, 2010

- The Kerala Ombudsman  by Joshua J. M. Stark, 2010

- Freedom within the Law- The Search for Adivasi Autonomy by Curtis Riep, 2009

- Report on Legal Education by RFGI, 2009

- Whether the graduates of National Law Schools cater to the need of Bar/Bench? - Rohit Moonka


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