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The Legal Systems Project

IPD Report Release

Some of the recommendations made by RFGI in its project on understanding entry barriers to litigation, such as introduction of Bar Exam and provision of scholarship to help kick-start the careers of young litigators, have already been implemented. Through our research, we have noticed how the incentive structures and behavioural patterns of various stakeholders involved in the system need to be studied in detail, which may further highlight some of the barriers to a competent legal process and create more effective alternatives. While some of these developments may take a long time to become a reality, there are many ways in which a lot can be improved even with bringing about a marginal change in the system. The next phase of research on this issue by RFGI will aim to enhance the understanding of functioning of the legal systems in different parts of the world and benchmark the best practices. The effort will be towards a more comprehensive analysis of the issues at the institutional level within the systems of law, which will ultimately become platforms to ensure sustainable governance.


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